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Process Description

Production Department - Stamping Section

The Stamping Department has been established for many years and has accumulated many experiences; The terminals and stainless steel housings are developed & produced by ourselves, and so on.
The current stamping machines are as followings:
  • BRUDERER Longmen High Speed ​​Stamping Machine
  • AIDA 110 TON Stamping Machine
  • C Style Stamping Machine
  • Longmen High Speed ​​Stamping Machine
  • Biaxial Tapping Machine 

Production Department - Mold Section

The Mold Department has been established for many years. All of precision molds are developed and produced by ourselve. The existing machine tool builders are as followings:
  • Precision Grinder Machine
  • Precision Drilling Machine
  • Wire Cutting Machine
  • Lathe Machine
  • Drilling Machine

Production Department - Injection Mold Section
The Injection Mold Department has been established for many years and has accumulated many experiences; we have developed plastic a lot of plastic molds by ourselves.
The current plastic injection machine are as followings:
  • Injection Molding Machine 110TON 5 Sets

Production Department - Manufacturing Section

In order to strengthen competitiveness; the company continuously develops automated equipment and continuously improves production capacity and quality; continuous on-the-job training of operators to increase the quality of personnel.
Process Equipment
      Ultrasonic Welding Machine 1500KHz                          Ultrasonic Welding Machine 2000KHz 

Screen Printing Machine                                 Ultrasonic Clearner

QA Department

The Quality Assurance Department has a number of complete measuring instruments and inspection equipment:
  • Plug-in Force Gesting Machine
  • 2.5D Video Inspection Projector
  • Destructive Testing Machine
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Microscope
  • Frequency Conversion Burn-in Testing Machine
  • Hardness Testing Machine
  • Precision Height Gauge
  • Granite Surface Plate
  • Vernier Caliper
Research and Development Department

In recent years, the company has continuously cultivated R & D talents and invested in the research and development of new products. It is well aware of the importance of talents and products to the company. Only continuous innovation can make the enterprise sustainable